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Bodrum Airport - Tourist Information

Helpful information about Bodrum and Turkey
Bodrum Airport Tourist Information

Milas - Bodrum Airport

Bodrum Airport or also called Milas-Bodrum Airport, operating since 01st April 1997, is one of the twelve provincial airports of General Directorate of State Airports Authority of Turkish Ministry of Transport and Communication. It is open 24 hours for scheduled and unscheduled domestic and international charter flights. The airport is 18km from Milas and 36km from Bodrum away.
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To get more information about the Airport and Bodrum you can call the Tourist Information under : +90 (252) 523 0066 or you can consult the tourism information office outside the arrival lounge of the International Terminal.

We would like to draw attention to the security rules below:
1- If security is accepted as a chain, air travellers is the strongest part of it. So it is you!
2- Unless you have packed your luggage or it has arrived at the airport under your supervision, report to the security.
3- If you realize anyone’s suspicious behavior when passing check-points or inside the terminal or on board, report to the security.
4- If you see people leave their personal belongings on board, report to the cabin crew.
5- If strangers want you to accept their luggage for different purposes during check-in (overweight etc.), do not accept.
6- Help the security during the procedures bearing in mind that it’s for safety purposes.
7- Do not forget that illegal acts to the airports affect nations negatively from all perspectives.
8- Considering airtravel is crucial, bear in mind that people with bad intentions may try to penetrate airports and behave illegaly and want to abuse others for such purposes.
9- You can call 111 from the internal phones placed at specific locations or the ones used by the staff in case any suspicious behaviour attracts your attention.
10- Request information from airlines or obtain information from websites regarding items prohibited to keep on airplanes and in sterilized areas.

To Pass Quickly From Airport Security Check-Points and Not to Cause Waiting;
A- Leave all the metal objects (belt, watch, coins, cigarette, lighter, cell phone, etc.) along with your coat/topcoat/cloak/jacket in plastic containers at check-points and let them pass through x-ray.
B- Place your electric/electronic devices on x-ray by removing them from their cases/bags in order to be checked seperately.
C- Line up in front of the check-point without waiting for the warning of the staff and be ready to accomplish issues mentioned above quickly.
D- Do not cross the red line before the procedures for previous passenger is completed.
E- If a signal is heard from metal detector at the check points, act according to the security instructions.
F- If you carry valuable items such as gold and money, inform security staff in advance to be searched in search cabins.
G- Beam of X-Ray device only damages professional cinema film. People who have that kind of film are required to come to the airport check-points with charge tent for manual check.
H- Health standards of security devices are met and allowed by Turkey Nuclear Energy Authority (TAEK); their assessments are performed regularly.
I- Do not ask for exemption with miscellaneous excuses; the security check-points are for all of us.
J- You are not allowed to carry weapons, explosives, fake guns, toys that can be used for illegal purposes; the passengers who have such items must declare to the check-points.

The Security Guidelines and Rules was taken from the Official Webpage of the Bodrum Airport visit here

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