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Bodrum Airport – General Information

General & Technical Information
Bodrum Airport General Information

General Information

Bodrum Airport, official name Milas – Bodrum Airport is between Milas and Bodrum. The Airport was build in the year 1997. The spacious international terminal was completed 1998 and opened for air traffic. Bodrum Airport is around 36 km from Bodrum (Halicarnassus) and 18 km from Milas (Milassos) away. Approximate over 2.6 million visitors (2010’s total arrivals) landing yearly to Bodrum Airport, during the summertime (high season July – August) more that 1.5 million passengers arrive and departure within this short period. According to the new reports, in 2014 a total of over 19 million passengers came all around the world to visit this beautiful region.

Technical Information

Benefit : DHMI
Transportation : Coach, Taxi, Rent a car & Transfers ( see more infos under -> Transportation )
Height ( MSL ) : 21 FT (6.45m)
Illumination Category : CAT II
Firefighting Category : CAT IX
VIP : Available
CIP : Available
Bank Services : Available
Health Services : Available
PTT (Post Office) : Available
Parking : 540 (international plus domestic)
Runways : Length(m) : 3000x45 , Surface : Concrete , Resistance : PCN105

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